Sorting Lincoln Head Pennies.

The Not federal, No reserve(s), And Not a bank “US Dollar”, is worth, maybe, one cent or less in buying power, as a 1913, pre Not federal, No reserve(s), And Not a bank, US Gold Certificate Dollar. Basically, walk in any bank, hand them a five, ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred, Gold Certificate US Dollar […]

Popular Uprising Continues against US Occupation in Raqqa-Fars News

USA!-USA!-USA!-USA! War criminal, baby raper, murderer, thief, liar, Israhell’s bitch! John C Carleton TEHRAN (FNA)- Tens of residents of Raqqa staged rallies against the occupation of US forces as tensions between people and Washington-backed militants in the province have heightened. The rallies were held on Thursday 500 meters away from the US base in the […]