Bare with Me

Got sick and under the weather, always nice being used as a lab rat by WASHINGTON DC/USA, while serving in the military, so that they fried your immune system experimenting with a vaccine which had never been tested on humans, and was against the law to test on us, but the WASHINGTON DC whores said, as their longtime friend and Collaborator, Henry Pissinger, “Military men, are just dumb, stupid animals, to be used as pawns in foreign policy”.

And i might add, as lab rats!

i am working on a piece.
Some people like Lewie are writers.
i am a junk yard dog, my “articles”, are usually short and to the point.

i am however, working on one, might take me a few days to finish, to do it justice.

it is a piece on Leadership, or more to the point, the rewards of Leadership.

Before you decide you know the direction this will take, remember, i an a big Lizard, and tend to think like one.

i believe that is what has been falsely mislabeled, the “dry English sense of humor”.

i always prefer, what big Lizard’s find funny or satirical.

In the meantime, after i feed and water the livestock, i will run a hand around the electronic world, see what the bastards have been up to, and post a few links!

John C Carleton

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