yankees Suck!

I have spent forty years, wandering in the wilderness of yankee self righteousness and lies!

The official, USA history, and the Holly Whore version of USA history, is unadulterated, USDA, #1 grade, pure de ole bull shit!

When you get to the war of 1861-1865, they REALLY start lying.

It was not a civil war.

A civil war, is one in which two or more factions, try to take control of the same government, by force of arms.

This simple;y does not apply to the war crimes done against the Southern people, who were Citizens of their respective States, by extension of their States membership in the Confederate central government, citizens of the Confederacy.

These were two very separate countries.

The Southern States citizens, were no longer citizens of the USA.
This means when the foreign USA, invaded the Confederate States of America, it was a aggressive war criminal National government, invading and attacking a foreign to the USA, Nation, the Confederate States of America.

The Southern States defended their country, their States, their cities, their families, their homes, against some of the worst war crimes ever done by the USA, up to that point.

When they defeated, occupied the South, Holocausted the American Native tribes, stuck what was left on land nobody wanted, and then took their war crimes on the world wide road, they were just being them, evil fuckers!

Now I believe in forgiving folks who seek forgiveness.

But i damn well have not yet have heard, one damn yankee son of a bitch, fess up to what his ancestors did, and why they did it.

Try to tell the truth of that war of northern Aggression, rape, pillaging, mayhem, pedophilia, murder, wholesale theft and armed robbery, and the sons of bitching zionist virus infected bastards start telling the same blue balls bullshit, their scurvy, lying, gang raping of children, church burning, ministers daughters gang raping, pieces of shit ancestors did!~

Give me one good frigging reason a Southern man should forgive the chicken stealing, egg sucking, blue belly pig fuckers, who did this to their people, when the sheep assaulting spawn of Cromwell’s fanatical religious end of time zionist cult, will not even own up to the truth!

Forget hell.

You yankee dogs sincerely seek forgiveness for the despicable crimes your people did my people, I will forgive.

But I will damn well, never forget!

The collective pain, sorrow, loss, inflicted on my people, by your people, is seared into my very being.

My people, await a sincere apology, so the country can heal, and move forward.

Oh yeah, get you occupying mercenary military forces the hell out of my country.


NATIVE Son of the South!

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