Is Russia Being Betrayed By Its Own Intelligensia?-Paul Craig Roberts

Have Always been out front in trying to tell people what was coming.

When I was still in high school, I was warning people, if Washington DC was not brought to heel both financially, and in their lust for more and more control over Americans, America would face whats happening now, and now is just beginning.
You ain’t seen nothing yet.

They all decided I was a well meaning crazy person.

Now that what I warned of is happening to their ignorant sheep asses, they forgot I told them, but they remember that they decided I was crazy.

My mother knew things, everyone in the family just excepted it, and when mother knew something in detail, ahead of time, the stock answer was, well, thats just mother.

Do not understand fully, why or how I understood what was coming, long years before it got here, and much of it has yet to arrive.
Just the way things are.

Which is my way of saying, I passed where Roberts is in his believes of what America is, and what must be done so the country survives long years back.

But also understanding, many Americans starting to wake up, are way behind him.

This thing is not a choreographed, well ordered dance.

I have an aversion to fully trusting people who have served the beast in Washington, but I served the same beast in the military.

The past is the past, and America needs all her true sons now.

I basically have said the same thing, but Roberts writes in a scholarly fashion, while I am a junk yard dog.

Each has their place in the dance.

Good read.

John C Carleton

Is Russia Being Betrayed By Its Own Intelligensia?

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