My reply to a zionist internet troll, who tried to justify the USA’s rape of the South, and objecting to my calling all but three of USA’s wars unjustified.

Any person, trying to claim, the Sovereign Southern States, did not have a right to secede from an abusive federation, must also maintain, once a woman marries a man, he owned her, she can never leave, no matter how he abuses her or her children, steals from her, makes a slave and prisoner of her.
If she tries to flee his abuse, he has the right to rape her, kill her and her prodigy, and steal all she has physically.

In other words they must believe the same, as a muslim Islamic!

The evil yankees were not completely stupid, they started rewriting those dictionaries, and adulterating the meaning of Civil War, as soon as they committed the crime of invading a foreign Nation, (the Confederacy), made up of Sovereign states.

The true definition of a civl war, in current yankee English is:
When two or more factions, try to take control, of the same government through force of arms..

The South, told the yankee scum, the evil of Washington DC, to piss off and formed their own government.

A little history.
New England, and Mass., threaten to Secede during the War of 1812, New England would not send their troops to help repel the British from invading and burning the Capitol of the united States.
Fifty years later, they led the charge, to invade, rape, murder, steal, subjugate, occupy the Southern Sovereign States, for doing what they threatened to do fifty years earlier.


American Dictionary of The English Language, (written by a northern Puritan yankee by the way), Noah Webster 1828:
“When a war is undertaken to repel INVASION, or ATTACKS of an enemy, it is defensive, and a defensive war is considered Justifiable.
Very few of the wars which have desolated nations and deluged the earth with blood, have been justifiable.”
(As i said, which made you soil your fruit of the looms).
(False flags, carried out by WASHINGTON DC/USA, Spanish American war, Western Indian wars, Vietnam, War on Terrorism, Current, or deliberate manipulations to force another to attack, to get a war going, WW 1 & WW 2, Korea, does not put the USA’s actions into the Justifiable category).

The Confederacy, a foreign to the USA, nation made up of Sovereign nation States, was invaded by a foreign power, (USA), and were JUSTIFIED on their part in the war, while the USA, as the INVADER, was an evil criminal cabal, doing war crimes, and crimes against humanity..


A Civil War, is one confined to a single nation.

Confederacy was one Nation, the USA was another.
Or else we are back to you saying a women has no right except through death to ever leave an abusive, sorry, stealing, raping man!

BOUVIER’S is the legal dictionary used by the USA “supreme court”, by the way.

Civil war, is one waged between two parties, CITIZENS OF THE SAME STATE OR NATION.
national war is a contest between two or more nations, carried on by authority of their respective governments.

The war of Northern aggression, invasion, rape, pillage, arson, theft, was a National war, caused when the USA, one nation, invaded the Confederacy, another nation.

Of course, unless you are still trying to maintain a man owns a women till death, once they are married, and can murder her if she tries to leave his abuse.
If you are still in that camp, perhaps America is not the place for you, perhaps you would be happier in Saudi!

Blacks Law Dictionary, 1st Edition, 1891:
A civil war, is one which takes place between a state, as such, and a party, class or section of it’s own citizens.

In 1860-61, the Southern states, had left the USA federation, and were by choice, citizens of their respective Sovereign States, under the National umbrella of the Confederacy, making Southerners, citizens of the Confederacy by extension of their states membership, not citizens of the USA, of which they no longer had political/financial dealings with, except as one Nation to another.

Unless of course, you still maintain, a man owns a women once she signs her name on the marriage certificate.

The Chambers Dictionary, (British), 1993:
War, a state conflict, a contest between states, or between parties, within a state (civil war), carried on by arms.

Now, if you still believe, a man owns a women until she dies, or he kills her, once she says i do, i feel you would be much happier as a rag head in a third world shit hole, than trying to make America a third world shit hole, so you feel more at home!

Those were from my personal library, and i did not go to the internet where you cherry picked internet definitions.
This was on Military Veterans of Discus, I was invited to the discussion, but when I started telling the truth, I was attacked by what appears to be a moderator, then banned for handing him ass, and publicly embarrassing him.
No skin off my butt, but I do have contempt for one starts a fight, then whines when he gets his butt kicked, intellectually or otherwise.
Appears on closer inspection, was someone else’s butt i was kicking, it was the moderator i inferred had had a dick short as his memory, when he took the it was a civil war idiot’s side.

i must report, the banning did not last long, and i was allowed back.
You might want to check out the site. An interesting array of subjects. Not all gun grease and pin ups.
I LOVE America.
i despise the evil of WASHINGTON DC/USA.
Went to war once.
In my old age, and health as it is, if America were to be invaded, i would honor and make my ancestors proud, running the enemy from the Home Lands Soil, or adding my blood to that of my ancestors, who have already shed their into the soil of America!

i can do no less, than stand and speak of the evil which has blighted the face of America, a promised land, gone terribly wrong!

One day, i shall after saying the Viking Warriors Prayer, march in front of my Ancestors who’s names are known well to history.
i shall not hang my head for the shame i bring them, their prodigy, for i shall not shame them, but make them proud in Valhalla!

May it be Above!
As it is Below!

John C Carleton

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