The Russian Dead, Murdered By Israhell!

i have been under the weather with a summer cold.
The USA, used myself and thousands of other GI’s as Lab Rats, to test a Vaccine on, which had never been tested on humans, and giving it was a crime.
As a result, i get one of these things, it tends to go hard on me.

My brother, Viet Nam drafted, is eaten up with all kinds of Agent Orange illnesses, yet the VA has turned down everything, except 20 percent on his hearing, and he had to fight hard to get that.

USA almost got me killed, as they were playing politics with servicemen lives, just as the War Criminal, Henry Kissinger said a politician should!

So i, my brother, and millions of other veterans, and many dead, know how it is to have the politicians running the country, not give a flying trapeze if you live or die!

Henry Kissinger and Putin are big Butties!

If Putin had given a shit about these mens lives, they would not be dead.

Putin loves Israhell, more than he does Russia.

i expect Mossad also has some pictures and videos Putin don’t want released also.

Putin, sacrificed these fifteen Russians, as he has many Russian servicemen before these, to cover his own corruption and me first politics.

i sincerely offer my heartfelt sympathies, to the Russian grandparents, uncles and aunts, parents, children, spouses, girls friends, who have just lost a huge piece of their heart, and for no good reason.

Did not have to happen, but Israhell owns Putin, and he sold these mens blood, because of that, to cover his own ass!

Here is hoping both America and Russia, recover their freedom, and self rule!

May it be above, as it is below!

John C Carleton