Kingdom of Carleton Press Release!-Kremlin Fly on the Wall, Reports on Israhell Ambassador’s Summons to Moscow, For Murdering 15 Russians!

Ramsar, head of Kingdom of Carleton’s Intelligence Service, FTzMF, (fuck the zionist mother fuckers), announces the Kremlin double agent fly on the wall, has reported back to Ramsar, on what transpired at the meeting in Moscow.

Ramsar spoke thus!

The Israhell War Criminal ambassador to Russia, stomped in with indigence, very pissed the right of Israhell, to murder anyone, anywhere, anytime, they damn well felt like it, had been questioned by anyone, much less the Israhelli’s own ancestral Home Land!

The Russian diplomat, pleaded with the Turkmen/slavic outcaste, to please stop making Putin look like the Israhell servant, whipping boy, boy toy and protector of the evil of Israhell, he is!

The pissed off Israhell Crime family representative, told the Russian diplomat, to shut the hell up, send more Rubles, and have Putin deliver them personally, as Nitwityahoo, was missing his favorite boy toy!

He further passed along a threat, Nitwit, would force Putin to sleep with the pig Nitwit is married to, if Putin did not cover up for this, the latest in a long list of war crimes, done by Israhell!

The Turkmen/slavic outcaste, then stomped out!

Politics of the sold out and damned!

For King John de Carleton:

Chief Public Relations Officer.
John C Carleton.

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