Sorting Lincoln Head Pennies.

The Not federal, No reserve(s), And Not a bank “US Dollar”, is worth, maybe, one cent or less in buying power, as a 1913, pre Not federal, No reserve(s), And Not a bank, US Gold Certificate Dollar.

Basically, walk in any bank, hand them a five, ten, twenty, fifty, one hundred, Gold Certificate US Dollar bill, they would hand you the corresponding value gold coin.

When the tellers where i bank, ask how i want my money, i tell them gold and silver.
I have to explain to them, thats how it used to work in the USA.
They give me these not very wide or absorbent, greenish paper.

Most people will not bend over to pick up a penny, thats how worthless they are.
Due to the increasing worthless ness of the penny, in 1982, the penny was changed from copper, to zinc, thinly coated with copper, as the copper used to make the penny, was worth more than the buying power of the penny because of the downward spiraling worth of the counterfeit currency.

So, what the hell do you do with all those pennies?

When i empty my pockets, quarters, dimes and nickels, go in one container, pennies in another.

Quarters and dimes, are copper clad or plated, with a nickel substance.
Make dandy washers which will not rust.
Just drill a hole the size needed.

Nickels, are still worth something, for the nickel content.
US, been talking about starting producing the nickel in some cheaper material, but i do not think they have done so yet.

As far the pennies, started separating the 1981 down, they are copper, from the 1982 up, which are zinc, and basically worthless.

i will keep the copper pennies, for medal content, and have no clue what i will do with a bunch of worthless round pieces of zinc.


in the bunch, i found a few, which have the regular lincoln head front, and two different backs.

One back, features a depiction, of the cabin, where the war criminal, bi-sexual, shyster rail-road lawyer Lincoln was born.

The other, has a back, with a depiction of the war criminal, as a young scoundrel, studying law while sitting on a log.

Some time back, i put a fixture out back, which holds about two cups of fluid.
i will insert the link to the blog piece which explains the reason for what is about to follow, at the end of this one.

Have a historical non monetary coin with Alexander Hamilton on it.
Placed this at the bottom of the receptacle.
Put a Lincoln head penny, with the lincoln memorial on the back, on top of Hamilton, on top of this, i place a Ike “dollar” coin.

Now, being the penny is not worth much any more, i am going to add one each, of the ones i found, with lincoln’s birth place, and him as a young scoundrel, on back.

Now when i walk out in the mornings, take my morning piss, i am pissing on the war criminal and treasonous pig Ike, the war criminal Lincoln as an old scoundrel, as a young scoundrel, on his birth place, and his memorial, as well as the criminal, lying, back stabbing, arbitrary taxing, Empire building, treasonous Hamilton!

Using Reagan’s trickle down theory of course.

Damn fine and patriotic way to start the morning off!

Here is the link explaining the reason for this ritual.

Pissing ON WASHINGTON DC/USA’s “Dollar”

Believe i will have another cup of coffee.

John C Carleton