Freedom to Learn, Freedom to Live!


That cry has echoed across many a battlefield, through many thousands of years.

Many who used it as a battle cry, did not even understand what the meaning of the word they were shouting, meant.

Very few of them, won freedom, and of those who did, that freedom never seemed to have lasted beyond that generation much, if even it out lived the ones did the fighting for freedom.

Freedom is not a hand out, or a hand me down, your forebears already paid for.

Each generation, must decide, if they too, want to pay the price for freedom, in their generation.

Many times, the succeeding generations, not having the benefit of the fighting, the tempering fires of bloodshed and hardship, loss, do not have the tempering strengths or wisdom, such “fires” instill in the ones who go through the struggle for freedom.
They tend to sell that freedom, for a song.

True freedom frightens many, as there are duties which go with freedom, which are not always pleasant.
Individual responsibility frightens the crap out of many of the human race, they willingly give up that freedom, for the false illusion of security provided by big daddy government.

It is now time, for this generation, to decide, freedom or slavery.

Stand up, speak up, or just go ahead, drop your trousers, bend over, spread the cheeks of your derrière, and take it!

John C Carleton