US-Backed Militias Concerned about Growing Popular Uprising in Northeastern Syria-Fars News

The People of Syria, the civilians, are being murdered/kidnaped, by WASHINGTON DC’s paid, perverted war criminal terrorist, because they support their Syrian government and troops.

In other words, all the BULL SHIT, coming out of Washington dc/USA, about illegally being in, and attacking Syria, is for the safety of the Syrian people, is just that, BULL SHIT!

But, one of the things WASHINGTON DC does best, is sling BULL SHIT!

They also, rape and murder babies, take bribes, commit treason, start wars for Israhell, and steal from the American people.


John C Carleton

TEHRAN (FNA)- The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) forwarded more gunmen to Raqqa city on Monday to prepare for a major clampdown on public dissent.
The SDF forwarded a long military column to Raqqa city to intensify arrest of civilians in al-Romeileh neighborhood in Raqqa city.

In the meantime, local sources reported that the SDF has declared curfew across Raqqa province, including the town of Tabaqa, arresting people who once demonstrated against the SDF’s rule.

The SDF, meanwhile, arrested a number of civilians in the village of Hanideh in Southwestern Raqqa accusing them of printing graffiti on the walls against the SDF.

Other units of the SDF captured almost twenty civilians in a refugee camp in Western Raqqa on similar accusations.

Local sources said on Sunday that the SDF went on a full alert in Raqqa as city residents were showing increasing support for the Damascus Army.

“The SDF has arrested a large number of civilians in Raqqa city,” local sources said.

Media activists in Raqqa city also pointed to the fury of Raqqa residents over SDF’s measures, including detention of a large number of people on different pretexts by SDF in Raqqa city.

The news came as the SDF detained several civilians in inspection posts at al-Sad, al-Davar, al-Salhabieh and al-Mansoureh regions to send them to compulsory military service.