Horrifying Video Shows Israeli Soldiers Shoot, Kill 16yo Boy While His Hands Were In The Air-The Free Thought Project

The Israhell crime cabal, are not Semitic, not descended from the Hebrews, and if they were, it would change nothing. They are mainly a Turkmen/Slavic hybrid, from the Steppes of Russia and Ukraine. They are murdering, raping, pedophillic, thieving, cowardly scum of the earth.. They are lower than a Politician, a tax collector or a […]

US-Backed Militias Concerned about Growing Popular Uprising in Northeastern Syria-Fars News

The People of Syria, the civilians, are being murdered/kidnaped, by WASHINGTON DC’s paid, perverted war criminal terrorist, because they support their Syrian government and troops. In other words, all the BULL SHIT, coming out of Washington dc/USA, about illegally being in, and attacking Syria, is for the safety of the Syrian people, is just that, […]