Are Americans, Stupid, Ignorant, Cowardly or Just Evil

USA does evil War Crimes!

American sheep, vote for the War Criminals, who financed and sent the War Criminal USA Military to Syria, a war crime.

Washington DC, has military bases in a foreign Sovereign country, Syria, a country, which did not attack America, did not threaten to attack America, did not invite USA to enter Syria or to station their troops there.

Thats called a war crime, even before adding murdering innocent Syrian civilians, murdering Syrian military personal, giving weapons to scum of the earth mercenary raping murderers, using the USA’s air force, as the terrorist air force, to attack Russian/Syrian troops and positions, in support of Israhell’s and USA’s ISIS terrorist!

i am not all that happy with Putin climbing in bed with Israhell, making sure Syria does not regain the Syrian Golan Heights, occupied by Israhell, since 1967, refusing to let Russian troops shoot down Israhell jets, flying into Syria, murdering Syrians, Iranians, and Russians, but, Russia was invited into Syria.

The USA, having illegally invaded Syria, has illegally formed military bases in a sovereign country which did not invite the USA in.

Now, the War Criminal USA, has fired weapons in the direction of Syrian and Russian troops, no troops close enough to hit, as a “warning” to Russia, who was invited to Syria by the Syrian government, and Syrian Government troops, to not, get close to the illegal war criminals, illegal bases, which are there, to try to steal part, or all of Syria, from the Syrian people, for the benefit of Israhell.

The war criminals of the USA, gave a statement to Fox News.

“The message we want to convey to Russia is to not send your forces inside a restricted area near an American, [USA], military outpost in Southern Syria.”

There is no disputing the USA is in Syria.
There is no disputing USA is occupying part of Syria, illegally.
There is no disputing, the USA is using their troops illegally in Syria, to murder Syrians.
There is no disputing, the USA, are using their war criminal troops, to train, scum of the earth paid terrorist, to murder Syrians, in Syria.

The information is out there, i know it, other Americans know it, so i did not know, is not a legitimate excuse for an American to use, to try to excuse, supporting the evil of the USA.

So any America, who supports the evil, of the USA, supports the evil of raping, selling young girls as sex slaves, murdering government troops, murdering families in their beds, work places, churches, weddings, funerals.

No two damn ways about it!

So any American who supports the evil of WASHINGTON DC/USA, is:

Genetically challenged mentally to the point, where they are the village idiot.
A coward, someone who chooses not to face the truth, because they do not want to have to stand up, speak up, against the evil.
Just damned well evil!

Don’t be a stupid, ignorant, cowardly, evil ass hole!

Stand up, speak up, against the evil of the Pedophiles, of WASHINGTON DC/USA.

John C Carleton

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