Doing The Lords Work!

The Lord gets a really bad rap!

The Cromwell religious fanatics, (ancestors of the Puritans, who would later do the lords work, Genocide the Southern Souls), were only doing the Lords work, chopping off the English kings head, starting years of wars, trying to force everyone to subjugate themselves to his zionist nightmare, of “Gods” empire, or Kingdom, here on Earth!

His followers descendants, the “witch” burner, control freaks of Mass. and New England, did the same to the Southern Souls, just doing the Lords work!
Should hear some of these prayers, them Christian blue belly warriors, were sent off with, to invade, rape, rob, burn, murder, their way across a whole country and people!

Just doing the Lords work!

My mother, was indoctrinated christian zionist from birth, by her grandfather.
Her father treated his daughter, my maternal grandmother horrible, because i believe, he thought she was possessed by the devil.
She was a rebel, and got de-churched for going to a dance!

i wonder now i see things clearer, if my mother really wanted to be a wife, and mother, have a bunch of kids, or was she afraid of burning in hell, if she was not the good cult obedient follower?

She was always like, you have to do Gods will, but i noticed, if my dad’s idea of God’s will, and her’s disagreed, there would not be peace, until her God got his way!
No loud arguments or any of that, have to be the good wife, just quite non-ceasing doing the Lords work, of making my dad see it her God’s way!

i have always been like that line from a Waylon Jennings song:
i was born with one foot over the line, always winding up one step ahead or behind!

When i was about maybe, 16-17, having read the bible many times myself, having grown up on this stuff, i knew what the bible said, from memory.

One of my dad’s deacon’s wife. and my mother, would get on that telephone line, and they would flat inspect, talk about, every person they could think of, who was sick, who was pregnant but not married, who was suspected of being a bit fast, drinking a bit, doing all those things, the Lord did not want them doing.

One day, as she hung up the receiver, after an exhaustive compiling of sinners, and want to be sinners, needed some praying for, i said to her, mom, you know, gossiping is a sin!

She puffed up like one of them Puffer fish you see on the nature shows!

She gave me a God Condemning look, and said:
We are not gossiping!
We are doing the Lords Work!

Seems the Lord been getting a lot of things blamed on him, he had nothing to do with, and would appreciate it, if all you zionist christian hypocrites, Israhell zionist Pedophillia, Usury, and World War 3, promoting, thirty shekel, hazbara Anti-Truth trolls out there, would stuff a dirty sock in your pie holes, and give him a break.

John C Carleton