Open letter to President Trump concerning the consequences of 11 September 2001-Voltaire

‘9-11, Israhell did it-Wikispooks’

Israhell and Washington DC/USA, attacked America, 11 September, 2001!


Israhell run, USA/WASHINGTON DC assisted,  in which 3,000 souls were murdered, and wars were started against innocent people and Sovereign Nations, by pedophile, zionist, Usury “bankers”.

Every death in the made up zionist wars, Syria, Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, is a premeditated murder, by zionist Usury “bankers” and their masters.

Any so called American, which buys WASHINGTON DC’s lies, instead of digging for the truth, is either lazy, a coward of what they will find, stupid as shit, or a treasonous son of a bitch, who deserves to at the least, be run out of America!

John C Carleton

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