The Merits of Dueling

All my life, and i am getting long in the tooth, Russia and the USA, been threatening to kick each others asses!

They never do, they have fought many proxy wars, where some third country, gets blown apart, children raped, innocents murdered, as both keep the cussing fight, and the war profits going, taxpayers forking out cash for war toys, bought from shyster arms dealers, but the two, NEVER, has a go at each other.

In fact, when the USA attacked America, in 1861, when England and France, were talking about recognizing the Confederate States of America, which would have meant, the USA could not be the oppressive war criminal it is today,  in 1863, Russia sent their navy to America,, to save the USA, and help make slaves of Americans, to the USA.

During World War two, the USA, shipped planes, tanks, ammo, rifles, food, fuel, every damn thing to Russia, by sea lift, at great cost in American lives, and treasure, to keep Russia alive.

USA, also bombed German troops, in support of Russia, giving Stalin time to drop back with his factories, leaving the scorched  earth for Germany.

i do not believe the political whores, both Moscow and Washington DC are enemies. They are brother sheep farmers.

Moscow farms and slaughters the Russian sheep for shekels and power, USA/WASHINGTON DC, farms and slaughters the American sheep for shekels and power.

Why should generation after generation, of Americans and Russians be paying through the nose to slaughter each other, and poor third world proxies, so the political whores in Moscow and Washington DC, can live high on the hog, rape children with impunity, get stinking rich on graft and treasonous actions?

Washington and Moscow have a problem?


Leave the Russian and American sheep out of it!

Putin and Trump!

Pistols, Twenty paces!

If the winner is still feeling froggy, bring up the new head of State from the loosing side!

Pistols at twenty paces!

Don’t you think it is about time these political whores, these cowards, do their own fighting and dying, and let the American and Russian children skip slaughtering and dying, for shekels, for rich treasonous ass holes?

After all, should not “leaders”, lead?


John C Carleton

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