Modern progressives are just as evil in their bloodlust against the South as were William Tecumseh Sherman and Philip Sheridan. Today’s progressives may not yet be waging the shock-and-awe total warfare that the Union generals inflicted upon Southern civilians (whites and blacks alike) and their dwellings, businesses, churches, infrastructure, and food supply, but their aim is still the same: to have the Southern tradition and her people “annihilated and destroyed.”

“The government of the U.S. has any and all rights which they choose to enforce in war – to take their lives, their homes, their land, their everything,” Sherman wrote in 1864. “War is simply power unrestrained by the Constitution or compact … to the petulant and persistent secessionists, why, death is mercy, and the quicker he or she is disposed of the better.”

So far, progressives aren’t marching to the sea, raping and burning whole cities, but they are vandalizing, spreading Confederaphobia, and encouraging a kill-whitey message. These hubristic pillagers have been taught that Southerners aren’t a self-determined people with a unique identity and culture. They see Dixie as a scourge and the purging of it as their self-righteous calling. They’re godless puritans to the core.

Sherman said that his motive was the “extermination, not of soldiers alone … but of the people” of the South. “And [that] he wanted to ‘repopulate’ the state with fine New England stock such as himself, the son of a New England lawyer of Puritan descent,” explained Thomas DiLorenzo of Sherman’s Georgia campaign.

Similarly, Sheridan wrought total devastation on the Shenandoah Valley and all of her people, in what’s become known as “The Burning.” High casualties among civilians were of no worry to this unholy crusader, and his vicious military exploits were allowed to again play out during the Indian Wars of the West.

It’s Sheridan who notoriously remarked, “The only good Indian is a dead Indian,” and “If a village is attacked and women and children killed, the responsibility is not with the soldiers, but with the people whose crimes necessitated the attack.” Such are the ways of the boys in blue.

“Liberty and Union, now and forever, one and inseparable!” Daniel Webster famously said in 1830. Thank goodness for the unionists and their ceaseless push for central authority through subjugation. Glory, glory, hallelujah! Sheesh, divisibility never sounded so good.

Just like the puritanical progressives called the American Indians “savages,” they too demean the South, insisting it’s comprised of “seditious states” and “backwards-ass crackers,” who must be retaken and continually remade to fit their ever-malleable whims. They see themselves as perpetuating God’s will, yet they’re pagan totalitarians who worship idols like Lincoln.

“The cause of ‘human rights’ is precisely the critical argument by which, in retrospect, Abraham Lincoln’s War of Northern Aggression against the South is justified and even glorified,” wrote economist Murray Rothbard. “The ‘humanitarian’ goes forth and rights the wrong of slavery, doing so through mass murder, the destruction of institutions and property, and the wreaking of havoc which has still not disappeared.”

In 2017, it’s indeed a policy of scorched-earth proportions, but one carried out in dribs and drabs. “One step forward, two steps back,” as Vladimir Lenin penned. Communists may be evil, but you’ve got to give ’em credit for their staunch dedication to strategy.

Today, it’s removing Confederate symbols in New Orleans, changing the name of Jefferson Davis Highway in Arlington, or attempting to relocate the remains of Nathan Bedford Forrest from a Memphis park once named after the Confederate general. Rename the public spaces and streets. Begone with those “pillars of shame.” Let’s erase this “dark history,” cheer the Lincoln cultists.
And tomorrow, it’s what, banning “ma’am” and “sir”? Suppressing Dixieland jazz and bluegrass? Castigating collard greens and grits as racist? Burning the books of William Faulkner and Douglas Southall Freeman? Tearing down Monticello and Mount Vernon?

If there’s no resistance, maybe soon it’ll be carting off “neo-Confederates” to Southern Poverty Law Center camps. Trust us, they’ll say, it’s just a little light labor and a dabbling of forced re-education.

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