The Recruitment Problem the Military Doesn’t Want to Talk About-The American Conservative

When i was in the military, my wife used to raise hell with me every time i had to leave her with the kids.

She sure does enjoy Base benefits/Commissary/PX.

i do not care to go to the bases.
When my wife insist i need to go to a base with her for some reason, i have noticed the troops, have gotten very short!

The USA military, is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

The USA has been fucking American Veterans as long as there has been a USA, it is a fucking USA tradition, to experiment on GIs, get them killed for politics sake, murder them themselves for politics sake.

The smarter young people, seeing their fathers, brothers, uncles, and now sisters, mothers, getting fucked hard by the USA after they are screwed up by USA service, are telling Uncle pedophile sugar, to go fuck himself when he lies about benefits and safety nets of the military service.

Even the young, who are intelligent enough for individual reasoning, (the kind you NEED in a military), are understanding the USA is a lying sack of shit which fucks it’s veterans up the ass, after they have done war crimes for the USA, and are not joining.

This is good, as the USA, does not use the USA military as a defense against attack of America, but as a criminal cabal, invading innocent foreign countries, raping and murdering their children, stealing the countries gold and resources.

Don’t let you children and grandchildren be war criminals!
Don’t let them join the USA/WASHINGTON DC military!

John C Carleton

The Recruitment Problem the Military Doesn’t Want to Talk About

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