“When in Doubt,ATTACK!”-General George S Patton

i have more Irish in me than is healthy sometimes.
Viking male straight line, with a detour through Normady, on to England, Scotland, Ireland, and finally America.

Where my 3ed great grandfather, from mid level nobility, fought three years against Britain, was wounded at Brandy wine, married the my 3ed great grandmother, the grand daughter of a convicted thief, sent as a slave, from London to Virginia.

His son, married into the Scotts-Irish descended line of the Washington clan.

Maternal Grandmother, was of Huguenot stock.

Shake and bake!
Out came an American!
i have grandsons, with Spanish surnames, who are 2nd cousins to George Washington, cousins to Stonewall Jackson, Robert E Lee, Richard Taylor, among others.

They are Americans, their ancestors fought, bled and died, to build America.

You “pure blooded” Anglo-Saxon yankee puritan trash up north, can just get over yourselves!

i am an American, i am a special blend, which was done only in America.

The Lands of my ancestors, are not my home or loyalty.

American is my father, my mother, she sustained me when young.

i owe her, in my twilight years, all i am, all i can do, to make her a better place.

One of my cousins was General George S Patton, one of his Great grandmother types, being George Washington’s sister, mine being George Washington’s grandfather Washington’s sister.

He interestingly although Scotts-Irish, had on the maternal side, a DuBose Huguenot line coming in, as do i.

He was one of the best military minds America ever produced.
In the moral, human side of things, he had feet of clay sometimes, but nobody disputed he knew how to kick ass and win both battles and wars.

WW 2, in Europe, would have ended a hell of a lot sooner, saved much destruction, needless deaths, all sides, if FDR, and his pimped out monkey who wore the un-earned in combat, stars, Ike, and Ike’s trained egotistical monkey, Montgomery, had gotten the hell out of his way and let him do what he did best.

Ole George, had a code, and a saying which explained that code!

“When in doubt, ATTACK!”

Now, for those who have read, reread, the Art of War, one realizes, sometimes the battle won, is the battle not fought.

The USA/WASHINGTON DC, are doing all they can to get violence going in the streets.

Don’t help them.

If you are wanting to learn, enough to have read the Art of War, you will realize physical resistance, is not the only path to winning a battle or a war, the ones not fought physically.

Americans are the way down in the well, underdogs against an organized USA Law en FORCE ment,/military.

To attack the USA physically, serves their purpose, not Americans purposes.

But education, not schooling, good ole pulling your head out of your ass, going in search of the truth, is where EVERYONE starts!

It is where i started myself.

It is time, America’s true sons and daughters, come to the forefront of the fight for Americans freedom from the foreign occupation of the USA corporation.

They can do that by LEARNING, FACING, Reality.

Then attacking the USA’s lies, wherever, and whenever, you encounter them.

No, not much thanks and popularity in pointing out the truth, fighting for whats right.

Some folks frown on my cousins Frank and Jessie James, for not stopping the war against the enemy of their people.

They were freedom fighters, loved their people, and way of life, more than pupping down, being good slaves.


Always ATTACK!

John C Carleton

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