How Much Freedom Can Sheep Handle?

This is something, which i have wrestled with, again and again.

i do not like when people are not free.

But the thought, of giving true freedom to a world full of humanity, who do not even understand freedom, nor the duties which is incumbent with freedom, causes me to see visions of rape, robbery, murder, mayhem!

If one studies history, studies leaders, one finds many different reasons, they stepped forward, made their mark in History.

Some wanted wealth, some power, some control, some the ability to do any damn thing they wanted, to anyone else.

Some just wanted to be top dog, the biggest, baddest SOB in the valley.

Some stepped forward, because their people, their country, their way of life, stood in peril.
They embraced their duty, and gave all they had, to save their people and Land.

Some were born to power, and a belief, they had been chosen to rule, to lead.

Here and there, mixed in these, you see those leaders, who tried to bring more liberty to their people.

Julius Caesar, knew if something was not done, Rome was done.
As a military man, it chaffed him to see the elite partying on in Rome, while the old, disabled, from Rome’s legions, Rome’s wars of invasions, begging for bread , living/sleeping, on the streets.

He saw without serious reforms, to care for the average Roman, not just the elites, Rome was through.

When he crossed the Rubicon, he put his ass, the ass’s, the lives, of himself, his officers, on the line.
He took over, started forcing reforms on the Senate, started doing things to save a City, and Empire, he had helped build, which he loved.

And the elites murdered him for saving Rome, the sorry, selfish, Sons of Bitches!

But even with his bravery in battle, even Julius did not dare give real freedom to the Romans, he did not think they could handle it.

Now not trying to make a saint out of him.
He was wolf among sheep, who tried to help the sheep.

Although being an accomplished politician himself, he despised the self serving politicians.

Once when several high ranking senators entered into his chamber, he did not stand, signaling, he was of higher authority than them.
The senators threw a hissy fit!

He explained, he had loose bowels, and was afraid he would soil himself if he stood.

These same trouble causing, busy body senators, said afterwards, they followed him home that evening, and he was not having any problems walking without soiling himself.


Come forward in history, to England, the 13th Century.

Edward the 1st, was perhaps, the best King England ever had.

Again, not going to try to make him a saint.

He was like Julius, a man of war, brave, kind, yet cruel.
Edward, did more to bring rights to the common English people, than any king before him.
Yet, the people so backward, ignorant, untrustworthy, he hesitated on just how much Liberty to give them
He never even considered giving them freedom, he believed they could not handle it.
Edward died, of natural causes, on the way to another battle.
He was a great man, and he was a cruel man, but he had a code.

Once, when he had besieged a Scotts walled city, and was having no luck taking it, he found a resident of that city, who agreed to show him how to get in, for all the gold he could carry.

He showed Edward, how to get in.
After all the rape, slaughter, Edward kept his word.
He loaded the man down with gold, until the man said that was all he could carry.
Edward then had the gold melted, poured down the betrayer’s throat.
Edward, did not like dishonorable treasonous bastards who would sell out their own home and people.

Fast forward to the 18th Century.

In the Late 1700s, in colonial America, Britain had colonies.

Now King George, was an a fat German, the prodigy of a commoner a few generations back, sitting on the British throne, but thats besides the point.

In all of history, which one did not live through themselves, one must dig long and hard to get as close to the real truth as possible.

The reasons, which are given, in the official US history books, for the Revolution being fought are pure bull shit.

The reasons the Americans did, or did not support the revolution, were many.
The reasons were a bit different from individual to individual.

There was no one, no two, or three reasons.
There are Many.

The Common man, thought he was fighting for freedom.

Many of the frontiersmen, did not get involved, until the British made the mistake of trying to make Americans, collectively pay, for the revolt.

When the British, started burning the farms, homes, of the frontiersmen, they pissed off a people, who had been fighting England and London, for hundreds of years.

The hillbillies, like a hornets nest which is under attack, defended their people and homes, as they had been doing from England, or Britain, generation after generation.

They were fighting to protect their homes, and their communities.
But since the Lobster Backs, had started the game, they meant to finish the game, and win freedom.

The Landed, Tidewater aristocrats, the Landed wealthy Puritans, The Lawyers, the financiers, the Usury bankers, the rich business man, generally fought for other reasons, if they fought at all.

There was a group, the well to do, the moneychangers, the formally well educated, saw a chance for personal gain, and many, although they did not agree in all things, lusted for freedom from Britain, so they could build their own empire, An American Empire.

Empires need slaves, not freemen.

But they used the cry of freedom, to get the common man to fight the war they planned to use as a catalyst, to start to build their lusted for empire.

Some damn brave men among them.
Being shady, crooked, underhanded, scheming, does not mean one is by default a coward.

Many of the men, who fought in the Revolution, but yet stole the freedom from Americans, who thought they were fighting for freedom, although scoundrels, fought bravely against the British.

George Washington is such a person.

He fought bravely, and if not for him holding things together, the British Union Jack, would still be flying over America.

He cursed congress for their screwing the troops over.

He cursed the fair weather soldiers who came to fight, when things looked good, but deserted in droves, when a battle was lost, there was no food, they were freezing without the proper clothing or shelters.

In fact, he was good at using blue words, and had a fiery temper.

He could not be seen by polite company chewing ass and spouting blue words, but those on his staff, knew well his temper and vocabulary.

But George wanted Empire.

He also, thought the American people, who had screwed the troops, charged outrageous interest on any loans they made to the effort, as well as the troops who deserted, the civilians who jeered him when a loss happened, but were right out them cheering him when he won, were not up to freedom, they could not handle freedom.

Ole George had too much English and aristocrat in him.

He came to despise the American sheep, for their unfaithfulness, and fickleness.

So he sent an army, to stamp freedom out of America, when the frontiersman, tried to exercise the freedom, they thought they had been fighting for and won.

That sorry chapter in Georges life, was called the Whiskey rebellion.

i have studied these men, two of them are direct ancestors, ole
George is a close cousin.

George was a much better General, soldier, Leader of troops, campaigns, than a Statesman.

He himself, did not fully understand true freedom.
He also trusted some men to have honor, who had none.

i cheer his greatness in the war, i feel shame, at his failings after the war.

i too, looking at America today, as Julius did Rome, as Edward did England, as George did early America, understand without reforms, getting rid of the moneychangers, the degenerates in government, the people who’s loyalty lies with another country even, America the dream will not survive.

The Land will be here, but the dream is in mortal danger.

i have struggled with this question for a long time, wondered if Julius, Edward, George, could have done things differentially, and if they had, what would the outcome had have been, if they had turned true freedom over to the people.

i do not think, the American people are educated enough, for freedom.
Americans are over schooled, yet undereducated.

i do not think Americans are honorable enough, for freedom.

i know, most of them, don’t have a damn clue, what freedom even is, nor the duties, one must embrace, to make freedom work.

So how much freedom can one give Americans, if one could wave their magic wand, make Washington DC/USA, all the money changers, all the pedophiles, all the perverts, all the loving other countries first, so called “Americans”, go poof and disappear, how much freedom could one allow Americans, who are not ready for freedom, to have?

i have come to the conclusion, like young people get married for the first time, you may screw it up, not make it the first time, or the second, but you are learning from your mistakes.

i am on my third personally.

My first marriage, i did not have a clue what was coming, and the girl i picked, did not really like the duties, nor restraints of marriage.

We got divorced, she picked someone easier to control.

i married number two also.

That lasted two weeks, before i kicked her out.

The third time, the lady and i have been married thirty two years.

None of it has been easy, and we still tell each other to go have sex with ourselves from time to time.

Real life is a bitch, and then you die.

But we learned from our mistakes, no one could tell us how to make it work, we had to learn by screwing up, learning to each give some, even when we did not want to, so we could stay married, be there for each other, and raise our kids.

Into babysitting the grandkids now.

if everyone, waited till they knew it all, met the perfect mate, no one would ever get married.

Freedom is like that.

One can not learn freedom from reading about freedom.
One can not learn freedom, by listening to lectures.

Freedom, must be lived, to be understood.

Freedom must be embraced fully, or not at all.

Will there be murders, rapes, robberies, under full freedom?


There are murders, rapes, robberies now, without freedom.

The difference is, with freedom, comes local corporation, local planning, people living under the few rules they make.

They will not pass rules to benefit others, who do not live in their group, to the detriment of freedom of their group.

When someone aggresses against that freedom, the rights of others, not to be aggressed against, whether it be robbery, rape, murder,the local community council, with equal access for all in the community, is best suited at making sure the same person, does not do this again.

If that means hanging their ass from a tree, so be it.

There is another reason i have gravitated to total freedom, in one large gulp.

i have never seen, or read of a “government”, which willingly gave up power over others.

If Americans, start with a “half Free country”, if such were possible, then it will only become less free, with more power vested in the ruling class.

If however, like saying i do in a marriage, Americans say to hell with it, lets do this freedom thing, jump in all the way, some may founder and drown in the stream of freedom, some may be of evil intent, and have to be dealt with, but those who learn to survive, learn to navigate the waters of freedom, would then be truly free.

How many generations, until they sell that birthright for a cold six-pack, and a warm piece of ass, i do not know.

Like marriage, if you going to find a formula which works, you are going to have to try a bunch which do not.

America has tried everything but true freedom, and America is a shit hole of oppression!

Perhaps, it is time to say to hell with it, and jump in the river of freedom.

One more example.

My father taught me to swim when i was very young.

He took me to the Nueces river, threw me in.

i was screaming, i can not swim!

He looked down at me, grinned, said, “you are swimming boy”.

And damned if i was not!
Not very stylish, or fast, but i was swimming.

Years later, i swam the Nueces, when it was in flood!

John C Carleton

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