God gives Jesus Instructions on how to take care of this “Russia put Trump in the Big White Cat House”, In Sodom and Gomorrah, on the Potomac

God to Jesus the Christ.

Getting real tired of having to listen to the unceasing pedophilic caterwauling from Sodom and Gomorra on the banks of the Potomac, about how the damn Russians put Trump in the cat birds seat, in the oval room where Bill the Dick, Used to get serviced by that fat girl, i forget her name, but she had a blue dress!
i remember that.

See that the guilty are punished!

Then maybe those thirty shekel whores will shut the hell up about this insanity!!

All them zionist inn DC are singing a new version to an old American song.

This time it is:
“Uncle Sugar Pedophile-Uncle Sugar Pedophile-
Don’t whip zionist pedophile treasonous to America me!!!
Shoot all them KGB Russians with AK-74’s behind every tree!

i have had it up to about six damn feet above my head with their lying, whining Babylonian worshiping asses!


Here is my plan for Peace in the Middle East!

One on the Black Rock, One on Medina, One on Tel Aviv, and one on Jerusalem=Peace in the Middle East, and no Pedophile, Usury, International, Banker’s, World War 3

Jesus asked:
What about Putin?

When you raid the damn zionist cat house, you bust the Turkmen/slavic piano player too!

Get er done!

John C Carleton

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