Proposed WASHINGTON DC Penis [ASSULT WEAPON] Control Act

It came to my attention, several years back, WASHINGTON DC, is full of baby raping pedophiles!

Only gotten worse since then.

Now, i have heard these DC political whores, again and again, moan almost like they are having an orgasm, when trying to ban firearms, “If it saves even one child, it is worth it!”

When i was in the military, they taught me the difference between my rifle, and my gun!

This is my rifle, (Hand on rifle),
this is my gun, (Holding crotch),
This ones for fighting, (back to rifle),
and this ones for fun!-(Back to crotch).

Seems to me, the way to cut down on child rapes by DC politicians, is to take away their guns!

i propose a bill, which would require any male elected to, appointed to, a political seat or post, in Washington DC, have their penis surgically removed!

If it saves EVEN one Child from a perverted pedophile Washington DC congressman or head of an alphabet agency, it is worth it!!!!

Working on a section of the bill for female political whores.

Bit more complicated, the tongue has to go, something has to get premaritally sewn up, with a piss tube implanted, kind of like the piss tube on a fighter jet.

This one may take some consolations with a gynecologist.

Be gender discrimination if the bill did not deal with female WASHINGTON DC pedophiles, same as male WASHINGTON DC pedophiles.

John C Carleton

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