Notice to All Usury Lenders/The Republic of Texas is occupied, Making the Occupied Republic of Texas, and Texicans, Not Responsible for Any Usury Debt Associated With “Texas”

Notice to all Usury Credit scammers, (so called “Bankers”).

The Republic of Texas, has been occupied for 152 years and counting, by the USA/WASHINGTON DC.

Texas Ports, Lands, Minerals, Waters, That above, and That Below, are not open for stealing with Usury loans.

When the Organic Material Hits the Propulsion System:
The Republic of Texas, will see anyone trying to seize Texicans property, or Republic of Texas Lands or Property, as a pirate, and hanged!

After a Fair Common Law Trial of Course.

Got to keep er legal.

Any Foreign Troops on Texas soil, will be considered paid mercenaries, come to rape rob and subjugate Texicans.

One to the back of the head, has always been the fare of captured mercenaries.

Used to be a sword, most times now a slug to the back of the head.

Any Usury Banker, which gave Usury loans, with the intent of stealing parts of Texas, or property from Texicans, can take their claim to the USA/WASHINGTON DC.

Those are the War Criminals, which have been occupying the Republic of Texas, militarily, for 152 years and counting, stealing the labor of Texicans, the wealth of the land.

Maybe, if they in their lies, enticed you to do criminal Usury Loans, hoping to steal Texican’s property, or Republic of Texas Lands, you best take that claim to the USA.
Maybe they will give you the War Criminal Lincoln’s Memorial.

i want his bones though, going to take my Constitutional on them!
Charge other people to take their Constitutional on them!
Going to get filthy rich!

King John de Carleton

Kingdom of Carleton.

Located within the illegal, legal fiction lines, of the occupied Republic of Texas.

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