Jesus The Christ, and his Court Appointed Legal Council.

Jesus the Christ, had returned to the Earth, to check on how things were going.
He was not a very happy camper at what he found.
Obese Pig jowled charlatan “ministers” assisting in the Holocausting of, Jesus The Christ’s Children, in the name of Jesus Christ!
Hypocrisy run amuck, everyone seemed to have a black book said to hold the teachings of Jesus The Christ, but having read it himself, Jesus found very little of his true teachings in the book, and much attributed to him, he never said!

In his wanderings, he found himself wanting to go give that fat pig “preacher”, a little bit of wisdom from the top of Jesus’s mind, and, maybe a sandal in his fat ass!

He came to this wall had the words THE Demonion de San Amigo, printed on the wall.

There was a guard at the gate, so Jesus walked up, and told him his business.

The guard looked at Jesus with his long hair, robe, Jesus Sandals on his dusty feet, and called the Police Department for THE CITY.

Next thing Jesus the Christ Knew, two CITY leg breakers and bag men, who gave him flash backs to those Roman Storm Troopers, had him handcuffed, thrown into the asphalt.

One’s body cam “malfunctioned”, as he kicked Jesus in the ass, the other assured the low wage guard for rich people, this creep would not be back.

They drove Jesus to a down town location, where he was forced to disrobe, be probed in all orifices, given an orange suit of some course cloth, finger printed, photographed, and locked in a cage.

Several of the guards expressed desire for carnal knowledge of him, forcibly if necessary!

Couple more told him they could get him some meth.

In the morning, he was forced to go into a courtroom, where he was charged with attempted Criminal Trespass/ Resisting Arrest.

He was asked how he pled.

He said to what?

The satanic appearing man in the black ritual robe asked Jesus, do you want a court appointed attorney?

Jesus the Christ said, no thank you, i chose not to associate with serpents.

The satanic appearing man screamed contempt of court, thirty days!

Bring his ass back them, see what his attitude is!

Jesus was returned to his cage, where he was locked up again.

Jesus Then found hisself labeled a Foreign Terrorist, as it discovered he had no record, of birth, or citizenship in, WASHINGTON DC/USA.

It was decided he was a Russian trained saboteur, come to disrupt the elections of who got front teat at the Public’s expense.

The US Marshals picked him up, for a one way flight to Cuba.

They had to stop so one could take a leak at a convenience store, which had a cop bunny clerk.

While the other was eyeing a young boy’s derrière, Jesus popped his handcuffs, telepathically opend the lock on the door, and walked away.

There is an ALL POINTS BULLETIN, for the CAPTURE, DEAD OR ALIVE, OF A FOREIGN TERRORIST, calls himself Jesus the Christ!

Considered Extremely Dangerous!

The Ole Dog!

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