Dying for Freedom!

Would you die for freedom?

Ask most American males that, and some of the women, and they will promptly answer yes!

Most of them don’t have a clue what the word means, and the duties which come with that freedom.

Most Americans, have never experienced true freedom, in it’s dictionary definitions.

Be aware, Freedom, and Liberty, are not the same thing.

Freedom, and liberty, can not in their pure forms, exist together.

Liberty, is a privilege bestowed on one by ones master, parents, “governments”, who ever really owns ones ass.

Freedom, means you don’t have to ask anyone if you can do it, as long as you doing it does not harm another innocent soul, nor unduly damage their property.

Most Americans, are trained to respond to that question in the “Hell Yes!”, fashion, when they don’t even understand what the hell they are talking about dying for.

Which ain’t no big deal, cause if you called for volunteers to go defend some freedom or the other, most would find they had very important business somewhere else anyway.

Always been a handful of people made things happen, saw they got done.

Throughout history, most of humanity, have been herded like sheep, from one shearing to the other, from war to war, from arranged economic depression to arranged economic depression.

If a sheep says they would die for freedom, i feel they should understand what freedom really is.

Once they have tasted just a tiny bit, perhaps, they will love the taste so much, they will forego sheep fare, stop being sheep, and climb on the path to that great shining mountain of Knowledge, called Freedom!

John C Carleton

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