This Will Sicken You-The Seeker-UK

Israhell does Piracy again, in International waters, again!

The USA, UK, EU, Russia, China, none of them are bombing Israhell!

China, so far, has kept their troops from invading foreign countries, in the present.

Russia, pretending to fight ISIS in Israhell, has protected Israhell, now that Israhell has lost it’s bid to destroy Syria, Steal yet more Syrian Sovereign Land, from loosing control of the Syrian Golan Heights, the evil of Israhell, has occupied since 1967.

Putin and Nitwityahoo are thick as the thieves they are.

The UN is controlled by the zionist, and is no threat to Israhell.

The USA, EU, UK, are all bombing countries FOR Israhell.

Hell of a deal.

World needs Common Law War Crime Trials!

Fair Trials, Fair Hangings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

John C Carleton

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