Breaking!!!!!- Kingdom of Carleton’s fly on the wall, in the Kremlin, has furnished an “alleged” transcript, of Putin’s and Nitwityahoo’s latest behind closed doors meetings!

Ramsar, the reformed zionist, reincarnated as a billy goat, who runs Kingdom of Carleton’s Intelligence Service, FTzMF, (Fk The zionist Mother Fker’s), announces a transcript obtained in a sneaky underhanded way, which is alleged by the double agent Fly On The Wall, inside the Kremlin, to be a truthful transcript of ever word which passed between the star struck pair.

Course, he is a Slavic fly!

No telling!

‘ Alleged Transcript of conversation!’

Damn it Nitwityahoo!
I told you not to pull any of your micky mouse BS right now, people are starting to notice the wear marks on the knees of my trousers!

Oh Bite ME!

You are always whining!
You shame your mothers blood!

Your job to keep all the balls in the air for the sheep show, my job to cut the balls off the little Syrian and Palestinian boys before I use them the way God said to!

Stop being a little bitch, stand up straight and eat your shit, them smile and tell everyone how good it was, and how much you love me!

I am the Leader of Russia!!!!!!!

Yeah, and the zionist has owned Russia’s ass from the time we cut the Tars’s balls off, and his little boys balls, before we gang banged him, before we murdered them all!

So suck it up and get on your knees!

I am feeling frisky!!!

End Alleged Transcript,
For decencies sake!
(Remember the Slavic source)!

For King John de Carleton,

Head of FTzMF