Don’t Let the Bastards Get You Down-Kriss Kristofferson-YouTube

Kiss Kristofferson, has been from the time i was a young teenager, a social justice warrior hero, as well as a musical hero.

Never said he was perfect.

You are not either.

i am not!

If one, has never struggled with the weight of the world on their shoulders and your soul, from giving a shit, and fighting every damn day, trying to to wake humanity up, stop at least, some of the needless pain and suffering at the hands of criminally insane elites, then one should not criticize one who has walked that path, because it is a HARD path.

Not many who can travel it without it destroying them.
The few who persevere to the end, can look forward, to spiritual growth and further illumination.

i remember, a brother brought home, a couple of Kristofferson’s 8 tracks.

Me and Bobby Magee, and Border Lord.

The words, to the songs, made me think, about hypocrisy, about people blaming others for the problems they insist on not fixing, about sorrow, pain, suffering, but through all of his songs, there was no surrender.

He has never surrendered, and in his old age, still, goes out, and tells the truth.

Even when he is gone, the truth he shared with others, will be passed down to still unborn generations, by those he has touched with his truth.

He has my respect.

John C Carleton