The Secret to Success in Human Form.

Don’t worry about all those sheep!

They like being sheep.

Don’t worry about the jackals!

They like being jackals.

Worry about yourself!

If one does their duty, if one learns from their mistakes, so as to clear the board for more lessons, if one does not trade Duty and illumination, for ANYTHING, this world has to offer, up to and including being the “master, or King”, of this world, one wins!

It is that simple.
If one does their duty, increases their illumination, learns their lessons from this life mistakes, one wins, even if they die, or are murdered, penniless, no bed, no home, no food, with the sheep and jackals cursing one, one has won!

Next Life!

Next verse, same as the first.

Learn new lessons, seek further illumination, do ones duty.

“If a man does his best, what else is there?”

John C Carleton