US Airstrike Murdered 54 Civilians Near Abu Kamal in Push to Control Syrian Border-The Last American Vagabond

If these 54 people, had been murdered, with firearms in the US, the sheep would be screaming/ wringing their hands, and the MEDIA, would run stories on it for days and days!

But as they are Syrians, and were murdered by the USA, in a foreign country, by bombs, the vast majority of American sheep could give a shit less, and you will not see this mass murder by the USA, in a clear War Crime, even mentioned in the MSM.

Ones birds always come home to roost.

When they do, the Cowardly American sheep, will be carrying on something awful.

Thats called, hypocrisy/evil.

John C Carleton

US Airstrike Kills 54 Civilians Near Abu Kamal In Push To Control Syrian Border