North Korea regrets US attitude & unilateral denuclearization demands during Pomep talks-The Seeker-UK

No one likes a hypocritical, pedophilic, self righteous, ass hole bully!

Don’t know when the American sheep, going to figure that out.

American sheep say, “They hate us for our freedoms!”.

What freedoms?

When they feel up your wife and three year old kid, before they let you fly?

When they force gentuza illegal criminals on you and make you pay for them to steal, rob, rape, and murder your kind.

When they kick people out of homes they built, inherited, or bought, because the economy sucks, they have no money, they got old, and they can no longer pay tribute to the USA ‘
“government”, and it’s sub corporations.

They kicked a 80 something year old, black, American veteran out of his home the other day, for chump change taxes.
Sold the house for thirty something thousand dollars, of which they gave him none of.

In The Fucking Occupied, by the USA/WASHINGTON DC, by force of arms, 152 years and counting, Republic of Texas!


They hate the USA, which to them, is the same thing as America, because the American sheep, do not grow a set of balls, stand up, demand Fair Common Law Trials, in WASHINGTON DC/USA, followed by Fair Hangings.

Put a stop to the zionist whores from sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, going around the world, invading countries, murdering innocents, for profits and for the benefit, of Israhell!

American sheep are very ignorant/indoctrinated, but i have found, that to be so everywhere zionism has occupied the people.

John C Carleton