i don’t want to “Fix” The USA/WASHINGTON DC, i Want To See it Die, so American Might Survive

Had a talk today with a guy, good fellow, says he is a Constitutionalist, and proud of it!

i tried to explain, don’t know how good a job i did, the constitution, is working great, because it was meant to do what it did, turn Americans into slaves, and America, into a shit hole slave plantation.

Now, either the constitution was meant to bring about the shit hole America is today, or it was a flawed document, powerless to stop the rape of America, and the theft of her freedom.

When something has failed, so massively, and for such a long period of time as the USA, it is time to simply go back to the drawing board, learning from the mistakes of the failed American experiment, and produce something better.

Might be tough, take some balls, and it might fail!!!!!!!

Well, this shit is not working is it?

Time to do something different.

Americans, need to educate themselves.

Americans have been purposely dumbed down, so they would make more docile slaves.

Not their fault, but if they do not educate themselves, outside the normal channels now, so they can be an asset, and not a liability, when the organic material hits the propulsion system, Then THAT IS their fault.

The time one could wander through life ignorant, indoctrinated, and survive as other than a slave, an animal, a beast of burden, is flying at that propulsion system.

And the propulsion system, is coming up fast!

John C Carleton