Gone To Texas

‘Gone To Texas’ Julius Caesar was a damn fine General, knew how to play the crowds, knew the intricate details of blackmail, debate, bribery, adultry, but he had a fault! Well, actually, he had several, being forgiving to people tried to kill him being one, another being, he had an eye for the ladies! Got […]

Gaza Massacre, (Holocaust), Update: “Decent Humanity” Will Boycott Apartheid Israhell and All it’s Supporters-Global Research

i was thinking more like some ICBM with huge conventional war heads. i have for months, been calling for one on the Black rock, and one on Tel Aviv, for peace in the Middle East, and avoidance of the long planned and lusted for, Pedophile, (baby raper), Usury, (from the widow, her last mite stealing), […]