Let the Ages Roll!

Let the endless ages roll,
As once more, the fires of life, temper my soul
From the slime of time i arose triumphant,
To stand, dance the jig of life, un-repentant,
Reaching for the Light of the brightest star,
Falling short of that pursuit, each life, again a bar,
Yet moving in baby steps, closer each life, to that treasured path,
Of full illumination of purpose, faith to carry on against the wrath,
Fighting the current of ignorance and superstition,
Against their fears, bleating angrily against any admission,
Weighed down each life again and again,
By their horror, at their inanity, to stop their sin,
They call to God for strength, while murdering his son,
Then leave the scene with a self righteous smirk, on the run,
With this kind of gentuza, oh give me strength to endure,
To fight on, for a non zionist, illuminated future!

Let it be Above, as it is Below

John C Carleton

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