How Would You like to Be a Green Humanoid Type Creature, In Another World?

Most humans, like to think of humanity at the top of the food chain.

Thats why all the screaming and wailing, about humanity is going to destroy the world.

The earth was here before humanity, it will be here after humanity is extinct.

Humanity, is just another animal species, and the pig you had part of for breakfast, had a soul also.

Not as advanced as some human souls, but, perhaps MORE advanced than other human souls from what i see some humans doing to other humans!

This world, is just a school.

Our soul, enters the human animal, possesses the human animal, and we have a life in the Earth School.

Just like the last life our souls lived in the earth school, and the life before that, and the life before that, and the life before that.

It is arrogance, to think humanity, is capable of destroying this earth.

Make it a shit hole for a time, no problem, that is within the power of humanity.

i have a couple pieces of heavy equipment, a large service truck, on the back of my Land, from when i ran a business.

Am on a deal to get my nephew to haul off all of it, as he is still in the business.

But these heavy objects, are slowly sinking into the ground.

The Earth, swallows what has come before us for the most part, the scars of humanity, and makes a fresh canvas, for humanity to paint their lives on.

If by some chance, humanity was to Kill the earth, as Mars is a dead planet, then our soul would simply be sent to another world, to possess another type animal.

Maybe three legs this time, four eyes, a bushy tail, horns?

Humanity, needs to get humble, and return to living in harmony with nature, that is when you will grow spiritually.

Don’t know about you, but i have had a lot of pain in this life, physical, mental, emotional, spiritually.

Not a hell of a lot of fun.

Wasting a life, not growing, not learning your lessons, is a terrible thing.

Cause, flunking a life, is like flunking a grade in school.

Next year/next life, be going through the same crap again.

i eat something i don’t care for, i try not to eat that again.

Your choice!

Remedial education, or new things?

John C Carleton