Big Lizard Rules of Claw.

This will be a continuing work.
When one comes to me, i will add.

For now, first rule!

# 1.
Being a big Lizard can be a real pain in the ass, but it beats being a sheep all to hell!
All day long!
Every Damn Day!

# 2.
Big Lizards should never marry sheep.
Sheep are afraid of big Lizards, and have no clue what big Lizards, are talking about.

# 3.
Just cause another is a big Lizard, don’t mean you can trust them.
Some big Lizards are cannibals!

# 4.
There are Light side Lizards:

And Dark side Lizards.

Just like women,
some good,
some bad!

Just like Gods,
some good,
Some bad,
(Babylonian End of Times Death Cult Angry, pedophilic, bloodthirsty, spiteful. vengeful, God!)

# 5.
Putting up with the sheep/herding sheep, is punishment for big Lizards, who have been Extra bad boys, at playing well with others!

The smart Lizard realizes, the treasure, here on this earth, is the opportunity to learn from ones lessons this life, not gold, not silver, not power, not perceived perverse pleasures, But truth, knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

To be continued!

John C Carleton.