Singing Harmony With Edwards’s Piker Battalion Band

Edward looked with disdain at IT, with sword in hand,
Said i have picked you to sing harmony with my Piker Battalion Band,

Your days of buggering English children are at and end,
My Piker Battalion Boys are here to bend,

You to their masculine will,
But, not with a kiss to seal the deal,

You are a blight upon the land,
No more will i allow you to stand,

Spreading your evil to young and old,
Nor will i allow you to steal the gold,

From the widow, nor bugger the young as you have done,
Your evil games are through, of your shit i will have none,

For the last time, no more warning will i give,
Best be thankful i let you live,

Usury murderers, buggers of the young,
Your pedophile ways are done,

Deplorable, despicable trash!
On humanities ass, you are a mangy rash!

i will run you from this shore,
But first the Piker Battalion Band, wants to harmonize with you, once more!

King John de Carleton:
Sovereign King of:
The Kingdom of Carleton,

Great Grandson Type, of Edward The 1st,
Who Commanded the Piker Battalion Band,
Through out the Land,
In the year 1290!

The Ole Dog!