Iraqi Hezbollah Warns US of Retaliation for Mondays Air Strikes -Fars News

America, Washington DC/USA, is using your children for war criminal cannon fodder in Israel’s plans to steal most of Syria, like they did Palestine. Of course, the non-Semitic Slavic/Turkmen outcast from the Steppes of Russia, plan to Holocaust the Semitic Syrians like they are doing the Semitic Palestinians. USA!-USA!-USA! The blackmailed bitch of illegal Israhell!!!!! […]

Arab Daily: US Bases in Iraq, Syria, Easy Targets for Iraqi Popular Forces Retaliation-Fars News

Americans, your sons and daughters, are doing war crimes, murderers of innocent people, in their own damn countries, which have not attacked America. Your sons and daughters, were not invited to these countries, This makes them war criminals. When they kill, it is murder. Can not claim self defense when you are the criminal, and […]