US attempts to Coax Tribes in Eastern Syria into Facilitating Terrorist Transfer

The Red White and Blue at Work. The red blood of the innocent murdered by Washington DC/USA! The white, signifying the innocents of the murdered children, victims of USA/Washington DC’s lust! The Blue of the rotting flesh, of the innocent’s murdered by Washington DC/USA USA!-USA!-USA!-USA! You ass holes keep voting for these pedophiles proud yet? […]

US Backed SDF (paid foreign Terrorist) in Eastern Syria Threatens Families of Army Forces-Fars News

So now Israhell/USA/Washington DC, is trying to get foreign paid terrorist, to rape and murder the families of the Syrian military. You Sons of Bitches, voted for these pedophile war criminals fuckers from Washington DC proud of your handiwork yet? USA!-USA!-USA!-USA! The Home of the Pedophile, and the home of the American Slave! John C […]