Utter Darkness!

Theres this evil, pedophile, piece of hammered chicken shit, Hazbara troll, has tried to hump my leg for years.

Sometimes the Ole Dog, waxes poetic, and puts forth verse dedicated to IT’s, (Short for SHE/HE/IT, Shortened to SHIT, further shortened to IT), evil, pedophile Usury promoting, antics.

Today was such a day, and i thought i should pass this one on.

Utter Darkness!

IT strained at the utter darkness, of the night!
IT cursed the memory of the Light!

IT wanted to protect IT’s Hazbara trollish bloodstained eyes,
Escaping illumination of truth, fortifying IT’s lies,

Screaming and flailing about in terror at the sight,
In nightmares of the Pikers Manly, Sexual, Might!

Horor-being found- with the ritually raped innocent flowers of youth,
Laying broken, dead, the victims of the ones, with the buck tooth,

IT must run eternally from the Lights incessant, never wavering, judgement call,
A tiny, insignificant, piece of muff fluff, being wiped, eternally, on the cat house wall.

The Ole Dog!

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