US Fingerprints All Over Nicaragua’s Bloody Unrest-Covert Geopolitics

All you sheep out there, who line the streets, roads, sports stadiums, churches, Screaming USA!-USA!-USA!-USA!, have a damn clue what you are cheering?

Do you have a fucking clue, what the baby molesting Pedophile sons of bitches and cunts, from Sodom and Gomorrah on the Potomac, is doping TO humanity, FOR Israhell?

If you damn well do, why are you not standing up, speaking out against this evil!?

You are cheering, millions of children starving to death, being raped and murdered by son of a bitching pedophile perverts!

You are cheering schools being blown up full of children, hospitals full of the already sick and injured, being mass murdered from the air!

You are cheering USA pilots, blowing up the electrical supplies, water supplies, factors, homes, schools, hospitals, of a people who DID NOT attack America, or Americans.

If you know all this shit, and still cheer, i would personally pull the rope, after the trial!

John C Carleton

US Fingerprints All Over Nicaragua’s Bloody Unrest

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