Utter Darkness!

Theres this evil, pedophile, piece of hammered chicken shit, Hazbara troll, has tried to hump my leg for years. Sometimes the Ole Dog, waxes poetic, and puts forth verse dedicated to IT’s, (Short for SHE/HE/IT, Shortened to SHIT, further shortened to IT), evil, pedophile Usury promoting, antics. Today was such a day, and i thought […]

Mother of shot Gaza medic: ‘She thought the white coat would protect her’-The Seeker

Not bloody likely! White represents innocence, right, the fight against the evil of the dark side, the illumination of the Light! All things, the evil scum sucking pedophiles in occupied Palestine, hate with ALL THIER MIGHT! And all of Uncle Sugars slaves, the Americans, money and children! John C Carleton http://www.thetruthseeker.co.uk/?p=171412