The path i walk

The path i walk seems to stretch into infinity,
It seems not to be the path of serenity,
Tis a hard walk, of sharp stone, thorn and spline,
But it is the path i chose to make mine,
Winding through many life’s, countries and much pain,
Ever striving to climb higher, more illumination to obtain,
One day, one life i will burst to the highest place,
On mountain of this plain, the finish line of this race,
Turning i will look back with wisdom, paid for with heartbreak and tears,
Stand silently a moment as one who faintly in the distance hears,
The voices of loved ones, enemies and battles of ancient times,
With a a sense of loss of the loves and rhymes,
Gone to the past, to never be seen again,
As With the pilgrim of the Light, i have been,
A new level of learning awaits,
And yet for just a moment more i hesitate,
As i bid fare well to those left behind,
But yet somehow seared into a dark corner my mind,
For those we love, we will meet on another path, another curable,
Of lessons of love, humility, pain, sorrow, hope which is moldable,
In the never ending quest for illumination and knowledge,
In the halls Valhalla in which to dine, is a privilege

John C Carleton

Let it be Above, as it is Below!

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