Fire Down Below, Hell Above

Fire down Below, Hell Above, With a zionist ShitCream Pie Filling,
Crap piled precariously almost to the sky’s ceiling,
Threatening to destabilize and fall,
Pinning the American cowardly sheep, to the slaughterhouse wall,
The ball less wonders cheer their own impending demise,
Wearing pedophile clown costumes, to give pervert Usury jackals a rise,
They brag of their richness of life, while they beg and plead,
Asses bent over Usury banker’s beds, whining for the Usury deed,
They give Truth and Nature the middle finger,
Forcing with their ignorance, humanity through the wringer,
May the fire down below, hell up above, crawl up the zionist sheep’s ass,
So the world, may know peace, at long bloody last!

May it be Above, as it is Below!

John C Carleton

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