The Ole Wolf takes a leak!

The ole wolf takes a leak with disdain,
On the reputation of the merchants of death and pain,

High he lifts his hind leg with a snarl on his muzzle,
Of the evil of a people, and why allowed to exist, a puzzle,

The sheep run after the illusion they see on TV,
While all around them is evil, yet they refuse to see,

They cheer those who rape their lambs, and eat them for snacks,
Thanking the evil, for using a Usury whip on their backs,

The ole wolf can not understand such cowardliness and stupidity,
Of aiding a prison world run with an iron rod of rigidity,

The Ulfheonar wonders at such spineless obedience to those,
Who kidnap, rape, rob, murder, sheep they lead by the nose,

Of unmitigated indoctrination, lies and bull shit,
The different colors, backgrounds, against each other, hatred is lit,

A flame which burns their own young,
An causes freedom in their country, to be done,
The ole wolf takes a whiz while he contemplates,
His hackles slowly raise, he is irate,

Both at the sheep who let the jackals rape their prodigy,
And evil Pedophile Usury bankers, raping while they laugh hysterically,

To hell with both, fuck em all!,
Let the few real Americans stand, straight and tall!,

Sheep and jackals can go have sex with each other, up hill and down dale,
And all but TRUE Americans, can go to hell!

The Ole Dog

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