Names of Western Activist, Academics Ready to Testify for Iran in 9-11 Court Released-FarsNews

Now, i may be a Texas hillbilly, another John the Baptist (Raised), a lonely voice crying in the wilderness.

Preachers son, truth teller. so the black sheep on the zionist side of the family, hell raiser, chaser of warm females, the guy your mama warned you about, fist fighting, (when younger, old now, just knock en the head with a base ball bat), picking fights with thunderstorms, and charging into trees, good Ole Southern boy!

Easy to dismiss me as crazy.

Hell, i own up to it!

Damn proud of it!

Sheep’s definition of crazy, is one with a set of oversized balls, got to try most things at least once, or twice, or three, or four times!

Been engaged four.
Married three.
Divorced twice!

Take great pride in not being a sheep.

But this list of people, who say, Washington DC/USA, and their evil, corrupt, corporate, kangaroo courts, are full off lies and pig shit, can not be as easily dismissed as a good ole boy, such as myself.

i am innocent you know!

Hell, i got a medal the Navy gave me for having a spotless record at ten years!

Sea Cadets, used to ask me what each ribbon was for.
They asked me about that one, i told em it was for not getting caught.

i like to remind my queen, of how innocent i was before she, the city girl got ahold of me.

i remind her, i did not have gray hair and wrinkles before i married her!

She just rolls her eyes, cause she was friends with my sister, who told her all the family gossip on all family members, and thats a lot of gossip, so she knew full well, when she let the ole wolf in the door, what the hell she was letting in.

She would throw rocks at anything less.

Spoiled her i did!

John C Carleton

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