Memorial Day! A Day to Honor American Veterans, or a Day to Celebrate How Badly American Veterans, Have ALWAYS Been FUCKED UP THE ASS, By Washington DC?



Red, white and blue bunting!

No going to work!

Cook outs!

A lot of people get shit faced!


Tell me again why Washington DC has this Holiday, cause it sure as hell ain’t about freedom or the American men, and women, who fought for America and Freedom.

i believe, the pedophile whores, in Washington DC’s favorite thing they do, is FUCK the VETERAN!

That and sell out America.

On this memorial day, let me recount some of the ways Washington DC “Thanked”, my American Veteran cousins, uncles, and direct Ancestors.

Lets Start with my second cousin, George Washington.

He did not have to go fight.
He could have stayed home, sided with the British.

Hell, he lost a lot of money going to war for America.

How did they repay him?

They shit on him!

All during the war, the American sheep said he did not know what the hell he was doing, when a battle was lost.

The politicians, like now, put their own rich friends and themselves before the soldiers. Many times, the soldiers were not paid, and the damn sheep soldiers deserted Washington in droves, every time the pay did not come, every time a battle was lost, every time it rained, every time it turned cold, every time hunger gnawed at their bellies.

They tried to get him fired, so others, their ass kissing buddies, could be the big dog!

Because the fucking politicians, in the US, have ALWAYS put their own ass, before the welfare of the troops and country!

Now, i have somewhat against George, for selling out the men fought under him, by supporting the Empire building, and American’s slave making, constitution!

i however, understand why he did it.
He had enough of the damn hypocrites, liars, cowards, the American sheep, and the self serving ass holes in government.

He did not think the American people, after his experience with them, understood freedom, much less be able to not sell their ass back into slavery, at the first chance.

He was right, but, there were a handful of real Americans, who stuck with him through thick and thin, and he betrayed them also, by his actions of supporting the constitution,

No excuse for screwing the real men, stood by you and fought under and for you.

George, was a hell of a lot better man, than most Americans, but he had faults, and he betrayed what he fought for, out of disgust and hatred of the American sheep, for what they did and said about him, how they abandoned the military men, while hypocritically, saying they supported the American fighting Man.

Ole George screwed up on a personal goal level.

Let us hope, he tried to make up for that in later lives.

My 3ed great grandfather Carleton, served three years under George Washington, as an American soldier, of the Virginia forces.

He was wounded with a musket ball in the chest at brandy wine.

He starved and froze at Valley Forge.
The official site list him as standing guard duty there, and being in hospital, sick, malnutrition, sick, cold.
He was not a sunshine soldier.

My 4th great grandfather Wright, died shortly after the war, computations with his lungs, serving as an American soldier, in the winter time.
He did not have to go, he was of advanced age, no spring chicken, but he was not a sunshine soldier.
And Washington DC, stole the freedom, from his prodigy, he THOUGHT he was fighting for, and died for!

My great-great uncle, Randolph Carleton, went to defend his homeland, and people, from Washington DC, a foreign country, which sent an invasion Army, which burned homes, churches, courthouses, homes, barns, pig pins, out houses, and any other dame thing which would burn.

These war criminals, were gang raping ministers daughters, because their Southern minister father’s, dared pray for the welfare of their homeland and people.

These “soldiers”, were gang raping black slave women to death.

These United States soldiers, were raping and murdering young children.

These United States soldiers, were stealing everything they could, destroying the rest.

The United States Solders, purposely shelled cities with civilians in them, burned the cites wholesale.

These United states Solders, were murdering every civilian, old or young, male or female they could.

Talking shit which would give ISIS ideas they have not thought of yet!

And the United States murdered my gg uncle, for daring to try to protect his homeland, and people.

My fourth cousin Stonewall Jackson, was murdered by the United States, for daring to try to protect his country, and people, from a bunch of pedophile baby rapers!

My fifth cousin Lt. Col. John Augustine Washington, recognized head of the Washington Clan, last Washington to live at Mount Vernon, was assassinated by the United Staes, in 1861, from concealment, when there was not a battle going on, because he brought too much political capitol to the Confederate States of America.

So Washington DC, murdered, assassinated, the head of the family, which Washington DC was named for!

The United States, which occupied my country, from 1865 till this very day, drafted, and sent my Grandfather Baker, to the fields of Flanders, a Usury zionist Bankers War, which was started on purpose, and had absolutely nothing to do with America.

He made it back, but died young, as many of the US soldiers did, from the poison gas, chemical weapons, the horrors they had to do and witness, in the Pedophile, Usury, international bankers WORLD WAR 1.

My 8th Cousin, descended from the Washington,s General George S Patton, was murdered by a Joint United States, USSR clandestine, undercover military hit squad.

His crime?

He was going to resign from the military, go home, tell the American people, all the crimes against America, the United States had been up to in the Pedophile, Usury, international banker’s planned and executed, world War Two.

so they murdered him!

Washington DC has always murdered the truth tellers.

The United States, has several political prisoners locked away, for telling the truth to the American people.

Washington DC hates the truth, always has, always will.

Lets talk about my Brother.

Drafted, sent to Viet Nam.

Left a pregnant wife, did a year in Viet Nam.

Almost deaf from firing an M-14 in Viet Nam.

Borderline diabetic.

Skin cancers, on arms, hands.

Ischemic heart disease.

Teeth rotting out from all the meds, he takes, which he is forced to pay the VA for, to keep him alive, because of AGENT ORENGE, WHICH THE UNITED STATES SPRAYED ALL OVER THE GUY ON THE GROUND, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT THE AMERICAN GI.

All things associated with Viet Nam Service.

So they continue to fuck him while he dies, and his teeth rots out.

He just had to have a pacemaker installed to stay alive, because of the Agent Orange damage to his heart!

So what did Washington DC do?

They fucked him again, again denied him benefits for the shit there is no question whatsoever they did to him!


Thanks a fucking LOT!

If i may, i will finish off with myself!

Brother was smarter than me, they had to draft him, i volunteered.

Had my first kid, decided i wanted to give back to the country, try to make it a better world than it was.

Yes i was stupid, ignorant, and uninformed on what the USA military had been used for, historically and in modern times!

But i thought i was doing the right thing.

Thats why one has shit in their lives, to learn their lessons.

Damn, i got a hard one, but it ripped the illusion, the curtain of the “good America”, the good parent Washington DC, caring lovingly for the American people, right off my eyes!

When the Pedophile, Papa Bush was president, he made up a bunch of lies, started a war, committed war crimes, invaded a country, which had not attacked America, or the USA, which by the way, is not the same thing, never was, never will be.

i went to a war, left a three year old and a pregnant wife.

The war had absolutely nothing to do with the security/safety of the American HomeLand and living souls.

It was about political control, building a world prison empire, in which all humanity, except the very top are slaves, with no say, whatsoever.

It was about rich international Pedophile Usury bankers,
could get richer, and sacrifice some more humans, to their insane, angry, bloodthirsty, War God!

At the time, the State Department, was running the war.
The Secretary of State, James K Baker, is my third cousin, mothers parental side.

Son of a Bitch, damn near got me killed, because, US GI’s were used, as the zionist ass wipe war criminal Henry Kissinger stated;
“Military men are just dumb, stupid animals, to be used as pawns in foreign polices.

Now, if i had excepted their invitation to West Point when io graduated high school, sold out my country and people, i would probably be damn president right now.

But as i did not play ball, joined enlisted, i ws of no use to them, bloodline or not!

So, as i insisted on being a good American, loyal to my country and people, besides damn near getting me killed several times, (i expected the enemy to try to kill me, just did not expect Washington Dc to try to help them do it!), with their don’t give a shit about the American GI, bullshit, they used between 350,000, and perhaps a million Americans in the military, and experimented on them, broke their own laws, used American GI,s for fucking lab rats!

Thats what Washington DC, USA, thinks of the American who gives a shit enough about his country to join the military!

They are “animals”, pigs to die in battle, and rats to experiment on.

Then lie, when the GI’s start dying in huge numbers, more yet disabled.

Lie their ass off, don’t treat the sick, and damn sure no compensation, so the GI’s family don’t end up homeless.

My life, has been hell!

Sickness which would have killed most!

Maybe most are not big Lizards!

Pain, every fucking day, pain, moves around.

Likes the right knee a lot of times.

The Va Exrayed that knee so many times, it should glow in the dark!
Never found any problems with the knee.
Sholders, feet, legs arms, headaches, something feels like a full fledged heart attack, but will go away in a few minutes.

Good healthy heart.

Something in my upper GI track, when it goes into overdrive, is another heart attack like pain.

Stopped going to the doctors long back, they don’t know shit about why or what to do, and the USA government, is making damn sure no one looks in the right places!

Thank you Uncle Sugar you evil baby raping and murdering degenerate sack of pig shit!

Happy fucking Memorial day America!

John C Carleton

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