The Tap Dance

The newsman said, President Bush, what is the rush? Why is it, you simply will not hush! You tell us noble is the day, We must save the world you say, Would it still be worth it if to war your sons must go? President Bush looked high, and then low, He swelled with pride, […]

Memorial Day! A Day to Honor American Veterans, or a Day to Celebrate How Badly American Veterans, Have ALWAYS Been FUCKED UP THE ASS, By Washington DC?

MEMORIAL DAY! AHHH!!!!!!!!!! Red, white and blue bunting! No going to work! Cook outs! A lot of people get shit faced! Wonderful! Tell me again why Washington DC has this Holiday, cause it sure as hell ain’t about freedom or the American men, and women, who fought for America and Freedom. i believe, the pedophile […]