It All Depends On Your Values-The Saker-The Unz Review

Without going back and reading, the Saker is of Russian origin, and probably knows as much as anyone in the west, who is not privy to intelligence reports, about Russia, and the situation there.

He and i might differ on some fine points.

Main one i think is, he still thinks Putin is working for the Russian people, and i think Putin is a sold out zionist whore, who is selling the Russian’s asses to the zionist.

i think the Snake owns Putin.

Now i will be upfront with you!

A man, been engaged, four times,
married three,
Divorced twice,
Can not say he has never been wrong!

My way of saying, i have been wrong, many times.
i hope i have learned the lessons come with being wrong.

In my defense, i maintain, it was not my fault for asking all these females to marry me.
i mean, i am a man, and they were so warm and soft.

i maintain, the fault was with them saying yes, when they damn well knew they had no intentions of keeping their side of the bargain.

Sweet too, before they got that ring!

Marriage is just local politics!

My way of saying, we all can learn from one another, big world, no one has a corner on being right, or wrong!

Now back to the Saker.

Russia is in his heart, America in mine.

However, the BS, which the ass holes in Tel Aviv, Washington DC, Moscow, London, CITY of, keep stirred up between the two peoples, serves neither peoples.

The common people, of these countries, need to learn about each other, and work to gather for a better world.

The damn kings, presidents and such, have at least a thousand years of being in charge.

Don’t know about you, but i an certainly not impressed with their shit hole world!

This article, the Saker’s work, is well worth reading.

John C Carleton

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