World War 1, World War 2, were both Pedophile Usury International Banker Wars, Planned generations before their time, just as the Usury Banker Scum, Planned World War 3.

It is provable, the American people have been fed a big line of horse shit, about both wars, and the reasons the USA, dragged the American people into these slaughterhouses for shekels.

Not just these wars, but the so called civil war, is complete bull shit as portrayed in USA history and by Holly Whore.

Thing is, those ass hole in Washington DC, don’t give a flying fuck about you, yours, America the Land, or the American souls.

They are trying, as hard as they can, to deliver the wet dream of zionism, all four branches, to all of humanity, of World War Three.

This war, was planned before the first World War, World War one was fought.

If the American sheep, do not pull their heads, out of their ignorant asses, where they are cowering in mortal fear, of anything, everything, and smell the zionist illusions and bullshit, America is DONE!

Might as well just drop your kids off at the Pedophiles domiciles, save them having to kidnap them from the park, or walking home from school!!

Bend over and spread the cheeks of your own ass, lube it up!

That’ll make it easier on you!

Get a son of a bitching set of balls America!


John C Carleton

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