When The Past Catches Up With The Future

When the Past catches up with the future,
i am again those who were before, their lives past make me sure,
Of the rightness of this ever continuing fight,
The revolt again and again, against all which is not right,
Shunning the glitter and mammon of an evil dark side Lizard,
Time and again to hurl the spear of truth, a Light Side Wizard,
Trying to help the clueless, fearful sheep save them selves,
An escape from all em being evil little dark side elves,
Having to watch the Ship of State, slow motion train wreak,
As they regurgitate zionist indoctrination back up their neck,
Grade A, USA approved, unadulterated zionist Usury Pedophile Bull Shit,
A sheep shitting on the feet of herders trying to save it,
While the sheep bleat angry at one for trying to tell the truth,
These ass holes probably even raped the biblical Ruth,
They like little boys,
As party favors and sex toys,
One wonders if the evil will ever end,
Perhaps when on the Black Rock and Tel Aviv, the big ones to send!

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